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Convection Ovens with trays MICRO MONDIAL

Product Description


- Baking temperature : 300 °C max
- Baking surface for deck from 0,6 to 2,4 m2 according to the model: 
Model MICRO 4 T - n° 4 trays max. size 46 x 66 cm 
Model MICRO 5 T - n° 5 trays max. size 46 x 66 cm 
Model MICRO 8 T - n° 8 trays max. size 46 x 66 cm
Model MICRO 10 T - n° 10 trays max. size 46 x 66 cm
- Convection oven with trays, ideal for small productions in traditional bakeries, pastry shops, bake-offs, shopping centers, hotels, etc .
- Use with prover and with electric deck MODUL series ovens (see “Micro + Modul compositions” section)
- Heating: electric / atmospheric gas burner 
- STAINLESS STEEL external panels, front and hood