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Product Description


- Baking temperature: 300°C max
- Convection oven with rotating rack 
- Model 4676 - versions FSX / RSX / RDX (n°18traysmax.size 46x76/50x70cm)
- Model 6080 - versions FSX / RSX / RDX (n° 18 trays max. size 65 x 90 cm)
- Model 80100 - versions FSX / RSX / RDX (n° 18 max. size 80 x 100 cm)
- Model 80120 - version FSX (n° 2 racks - n° 18 x 2 trays max. size 60 x 100 cm)
-Heating : electric / gas-light oil burner 
-STAINLESS STEEL external panels, front and hood
The LOGIC version has an advanced electronic control panel allowing the
control of some automations in the oven’s operation such as the recipes management, the automatic opening of the steam discharge damper, the speed dry function . The design is more elegant compared to the ACTIVE version